Alan’s Letter

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter it seems that spring is on the way. The sun has broken through the early morning mist and the spring bulbs are sprouting from the ground. Of course this is Britain and knowing the vagaries of the British weather there may be more frost and snow still to come!

These are temporary ‘blips’, winter is losing its power and spring is on the way.

The Easter story tells us that God’s ‘spring is here. The warmth and beauty of the spring sunshine is but a reflection of the warmth and beauty of God’s love for us as we see it in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Those who have a strong faith realise that following Jesus and making him Lord of their lives does not mean that life is somehow easier. Following Jesus is not a bed of roses. Read an account of the lives of saints in every age, from Peter and Paul to Oscar Romero and Mother Teresa. They faced challenges as they sought to fulfil their calling as a follower of Jesus. They also found that when problems came they found they had a new strength to face the problems and overcome them. Their faith was not diminished but burned brighter through their difficulties.

Sadly the opposite can also be true where believers’ faith can vanish when faced with difficulty. We need to allow the roots of faith to go deep as Jesus told his disciples in the parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-20)

Spiritual ‘winter’ may still affect us at times but we know it has no lasting power, God’s ‘spring’ is here to stay – Alleluia!

Grace and peace to you,