Church Life

Everyone experiences the life of Falcon Lodge Methodist Church in different ways. Our fellowship groups, Tuesday afternoon Kaleidoscope and Messy Church are important ways of getting to know one another and of deepening our faith. We can discuss various issues, we can pray and worship together, we can enjoy each other’s company. Find out more by exploring our website, or pay us a visit.

Carry on reading for the experiences of church life of some those who worship and fellowship with us.


“I started going to Falcon Lodge Methodist Church Easter 2015, just after my mum passed away.  I began by joining Wiggly Worms Coffee and Toddler Play so that my daughter could mix with other children.  I found this group really good and offered a really warm welcome. This welcome made me want to know more about what the church did.

I didn’t know what to expect from the church & the people but when I joined I found that everyone were very friendly. I feel like I am part of a big family here. My new family has helped me with my confidence and self–esteem, and has also made me a stronger person with God’s help, which in turn has encouraged me and helped me to deal with things that happen daily in my life.

I have liked being part of the community so much that I am now helping out with Wiggly Worms, Lodge Lunches and Messy Church and I am considering becoming a member of the church.”


I am from Nepal and have been living in this country since 2012.  The first time I saw this church I was happy but rather nervous about joining.  But the first time I visited I found the church and people were a part of my family. Honourable people who are kind and friendly too.

My children also feel comfortable and happy to come to this church and meet people.  They always provide a new activity for my children.  In this church my children learn new things which are very useful for them.

I am very impressed with prayer in the church.  The prayer isn’t just for one country or people but covers the whole world especially those countries and people who need help and support.

I am very grateful and proud to come to this church and meet respectable people.  In my inside I feel like the people in this church represent God.”